December 7, 2017

A very wintery Thursday to all you gamers out there! It is chilly out side with a high of -3 but feeling more like -10 with some light snow on the way for us. Looks like we are moving in to a cold weekend as well but we have a great way to stay out of the cold!
All weekend we will doing some wacky drafting with the new Unstable set that comes out THIS FRIDAY! All kinds of silly hijinx are expect, so stay warm in side with us and play some fun cards!
We have tons of space on our 3rd floor for all your gaming needs! Free to use tables surrounded by awesome murals and great people. Picking up a game and wanna try it out right away? No problem!
** Trade in those old video games or cards for awesome in store credit that you can put towards something you really want!**