Avacyn Restored


# Card Name Color Rarity
1 Angel of Glory’s Rise White R
2 Angel of Jubilation White R
3 Angel’s Mercy White C
4 Angelic Wall White C
5 Archangel White U
6 Avacyn, Angel of Hope White M
7 Banishing Stroke White U
8 Builder’s Blessing White U
9 Call to Serve White C
10 Cathars’ Crusade White R
11 Cathedral Sanctifier White C
12 Cloudshift White C
13 Commander’s Authority White U
14 Cursebreak White C
15 Defang White C
16 Defy Death White U
17 Devout Chaplain White U
18 Divine Deflection White R
19 Emancipation Angel White U
20 Entreat the Angels White M
21 Farbog Explorer White C
22 Goldnight Commander White U
23 Goldnight Redeemer White U
24 Herald of War White R
25 Holy Justiciar White U
26 Leap of Faith White C
27 Midnight Duelist White C
28 Midvast Protector White C
29 Moonlight Geist White C
30 Moorland Inquisitor White C
31 Nearheath Pilgrim White U
32 Restoration Angel White R
33 Riders of Gavony White R
34 Righteous Blow White C
35 Seraph of Dawn White C
36 Silverblade Paladin White R
37 Spectral Gateguards White C
38 Terminus White R
39 Thraben Valiant White C
40 Voice of the Provinces White C
41 Zealous Strike White C
42 Alchemist’s Apprentice Blue C
43 Amass the Components Blue C
44 Arcane Melee Blue R
45 Captain of the Mists Blue R
46 Crippling Chill Blue C
47 Deadeye Navigator Blue R
48 Devastation Tide Blue R
49 Dreadwaters Blue C
50 Elgaud Shieldmate Blue C
51 Favorable Winds Blue U
52 Fettergeist Blue U
53 Fleeting Distraction Blue C
54 Galvanic Alchemist Blue C
55 Geist Snatch Blue C
56 Ghostform Blue C
57 Ghostly Flicker Blue C
58 Ghostly Touch Blue U
59 Gryff Vanguard Blue C
60 Havengul Skaab Blue C
61 Infinite Reflection Blue R
62 Into the Void Blue U
63 Latch Seeker Blue U
64 Lone Revenant Blue R
65 Lunar Mystic Blue R
66 Mass Appeal Blue U
67 Mist Raven Blue C
68 Misthollow Griffin Blue M
69 Nephalia Smuggler Blue U
70 Outwit Blue C
71 Peel from Reality Blue C
72 Rotcrown Ghoul Blue C
73 Scrapskin Drake Blue C
74 Second Guess Blue U
75 Spectral Prison Blue C
76 Spirit Away Blue R
77 Stern Mentor Blue U
78 Stolen Goods Blue R
79 Tamiyo, the Moon Sage Blue M
80 Tandem Lookout Blue U
81 Temporal Mastery Blue M
82 Vanishment Blue U
83 Wingcrafter Blue C
84 Appetite for Brains Black U
85 Barter in Blood Black U
86 Blood Artist Black U
87 Bloodflow Connoisseur Black C
88 Bone Splinters Black C
89 Butcher Ghoul Black C
90 Corpse Traders Black U
91 Crypt Creeper Black C
92 Dark Impostor Black R
93 Death Wind Black C
94 Demonic Rising Black R
95 Demonic Taskmaster Black U
96 Demonlord of Ashmouth Black R
97 Descent into Madness Black M
98 Dread Slaver Black R
99 Driver of the Dead Black C
100 Essence Harvest Black C
101 Evernight Shade Black U
102 Exquisite Blood Black R
103 Ghoulflesh Black C
104 Gloom Surgeon Black R
105 Grave Exchange Black C
106 Griselbrand Black M
107 Harvester of Souls Black R
108 Homicidal Seclusion Black U
109 Human Frailty Black U
110 Hunted Ghoul Black C
111 Killing Wave Black R
112 Maalfeld Twins Black U
113 Marrow Bats Black U
114 Mental Agony Black C
115 Necrobite Black C
116 Polluted Dead Black C
117 Predator’s Gambit Black C
118 Renegade Demon Black C
119 Searchlight Geist Black C
120 Soulcage Fiend Black C
121 Treacherous Pit-Dweller Black R
122 Triumph of Cruelty Black U
123 Undead Executioner Black C
124 Unhallowed Pact Black C
125 Aggravate Red U
126 Archwing Dragon Red R
127 Banners Raised Red C
128 Battle Hymn Red C
129 Bonfire of the Damned Red M
130 Burn at the Stake Red R
131 Dangerous Wager Red C
132 Demolish Red C
133 Dual Casting Red R
134 Falkenrath Exterminator Red U
135 Fervent Cathar Red C
136 Gang of Devils Red U
137 Guise of Fire Red C
138 Hanweir Lancer Red C
139 Havengul Vampire Red U
140 Heirs of Stromkirk Red C
141 Hound of Griselbrand Red R
142 Kessig Malcontents Red U
143 Kruin Striker Red C
144 Lightning Mauler Red U
145 Lightning Prowess Red U
146 Mad Prophet Red C
147 Malicious Intent Red C
148 Malignus Red M
149 Pillar of Flame Red C
150 Raging Poltergeist Red C
151 Reforge the Soul Red R
152 Riot Ringleader Red C
153 Rite of Ruin Red R
154 Rush of Blood Red U
155 Scalding Devil Red C
156 Somberwald Vigilante Red C
157 Stonewright Red U
158 Thatcher Revolt Red C
159 Thunderbolt Red C
160 Thunderous Wrath Red U
161 Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded Red M
162 Tyrant of Discord Red R
163 Uncanny Speed Red C
164 Vexing Devil Red R
165 Vigilante Justice Red U
166 Zealous Conscripts Red R
167 Abundant Growth Green C
168 Blessings of Nature Green U
169 Borderland Ranger Green C
170 Bower Passage Green U
171 Champion of Lambholt Green R
172 Craterhoof Behemoth Green M
173 Descendants’ Path Green R
174 Diregraf Escort Green C
175 Druid’s Familiar Green U
176 Druids’ Repository Green R
177 Eaten by Spiders Green U
178 Flowering Lumberknot Green C
179 Geist Trappers Green C
180 Gloomwidow Green U
181 Grounded Green C
182 Howlgeist Green U
183 Joint Assault Green C
184 Lair Delve Green C
185 Natural End Green C
186 Nettle Swine Green C
187 Nightshade Peddler Green C
188 Pathbreaker Wurm Green C
189 Primal Surge Green M
190 Rain of Thorns Green U
191 Revenge of the Hunted Green R
192 Sheltering Word Green C
193 Snare the Skies Green C
194 Somberwald Sage Green R
195 Soul of the Harvest Green R
196 Terrifying Presence Green C
197 Timberland Guide Green C
198 Triumph of Ferocity Green U
199 Trusted Forcemage Green C
200 Ulvenwald Tracker Green R
201 Vorstclaw Green U
202 Wandering Wolf Green C
203 Wild Defiance Green R
204 Wildwood Geist Green C
205 Wolfir Avenger Green U
206 Wolfir Silverheart Green R
207 Yew Spirit Green U
208 Bruna, Light of Alabaster White/Blue M
209 Gisela, Blade of Goldnight White/Red M
210 Sigarda, Host of Herons White/Green M
211 Angel’s Tomb U
212 Angelic Armaments U
213 Bladed Bracers C
214 Conjurer’s Closet R
215 Gallows at Willow Hill R
216 Haunted Guardian U
217 Moonsilver Spear R
218 Narstad Scrapper C
219 Otherworld Atlas R
220 Scroll of Avacyn C
221 Scroll of Griselbrand C
222 Tormentor’s Trident U
223 Vanguard’s Shield C
224 Vessel of Endless Rest U
225 Alchemist’s Refuge R
226 Cavern of Souls R
227 Desolate Lighthouse R
228 Seraph Sanctuary C
229 Slayers’ Stronghold R