Battle for Zendikar

Bane of Bala Ged 7 Creature – Eldrazi [7/5] Uncommon
Blight Herder 5 Creature – Eldrazi Processor [4/5] Rare
Breaker of Armies 8 Creature – Eldrazi [10/8] Uncommon
Conduit of Ruin 6 Creature – Eldrazi [5/5] Rare
Deathless Behemoth 6 Creature – Eldrazi [6/6] Uncommon
Desolation Twin 10 Creature – Eldrazi [10/10] Rare
Eldrazi Devastator 8 Creature – Eldrazi [8/9] Common
Endless One X Creature – Eldrazi [0/0] Rare
Gruesome Slaughter 6 Sorcery Rare
Kozilek’s Channeler 5 Creature – Eldrazi [4/4] Common
Oblivion Sower 6 Creature – Eldrazi [5/8] Mythic
Ruin Processor 7 Creature – Eldrazi Processor [7/8] Common
Scour from Existence 7 Instant Common
Titan’s Presence 3 Instant Uncommon
Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger 10 Creature – Eldrazi [10/10] Mythic
Ulamog’s Despoiler 6 Creature – Eldrazi Processor [5/5] Uncommon
Void Winnower 9 Creature – Eldrazi [11/9] Mythic
Angel of Renewal 5W Creature – Angel Ally [4/4] Uncommon
Angelic Gift 1W Enchantment – Aura Common
Cliffside Lookout W Creature – Kor Scout Ally [1/1] Common
Courier Griffin 3W Creature – Griffin [2/3] Common
Emeria Shepherd 5WW Creature – Angel [4/4] Rare
Encircling Fissure 2W Instant Uncommon
Expedition Envoy W Creature – Human Scout Ally [2/1] Uncommon
Felidar Cub 1W Creature – Cat Beast [2/2] Common
Felidar Sovereign 4WW Creature – Cat Beast [4/6] Rare
Fortified Rampart 1W Creature – Wall [0/6] Common
Ghostly Sentinel 4W Creature – Kor Spirit [3/3] Common
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar 2WW Planeswalker – Gideon [0] Mythic
Gideon’s Reproach 1W Instant Common
Hero of Goma Fada 4W Creature – Human Knight Ally [4/3] Rare
Inspired Charge 2WW Instant Common
Kitesail Scout W Creature – Kor Scout [1/1] Common
Kor Bladewhirl 1W Creature – Kor Soldier Ally [2/2] Uncommon
Kor Castigator 1W Creature – Kor Wizard Ally [3/1] Common
Kor Entanglers 4W Creature – Kor Soldier Ally [3/4] Uncommon
Lantern Scout 2W Creature – Human Scout Ally [3/2] Rare
Lithomancer’s Focus W Instant Common
Makindi Patrol 2W Creature – Human Knight Ally [2/3] Common
Ondu Greathorn 3W Creature – Beast [2/3] Common
Ondu Rising 1W Sorcery Uncommon
Planar Outburst 3WW Sorcery Rare
Quarantine Field XXWW Enchantment Mythic
Retreat to Emeria 3W Enchantment Uncommon
Roil’s Retribution 3WW Instant Uncommon
Serene Steward 1W Creature – Human Cleric Ally [2/2] Uncommon
Shadow Glider 2W Creature – Kor Soldier [2/2] Common
Sheer Drop 2W Sorcery Common
Smite the Monstrous 3W Instant Common
Stasis Snare 1WW Enchantment Uncommon
Stone Haven Medic 1W Creature – Kor Cleric [1/3] Common
Tandem Tactics 1W Instant Common
Unified Front 3W Sorcery Uncommon
Adverse Conditions  3U Instant Uncommon
Benthic Infiltrator 2U Creature – Eldrazi Drone [1/4] Common
Cryptic Cruiser 3U Creature – Eldrazi Processor [3/3] Uncommon
Drowner of Hope 5U Creature – Eldrazi [5/5] Rare
Eldrazi Skyspawner 2U Creature – Eldrazi Drone [2/1] Common
Horribly Awry 1U Instant Uncommon
Incubator Drone 3U Creature – Eldrazi Drone [2/3] Common
Mist Intruder 1U Creature – Eldrazi Drone [1/2] Common
Murk Strider 3U Creature – Eldrazi Processor [3/2] Common
Oracle of Dust 4U Creature – Eldrazi Processor [3/5] Common
Ruination Guide 2U Creature – Eldrazi Drone [3/2] Uncommon
Salvage Drone U Creature – Eldrazi Drone [1/1] Common
Spell Shrivel 2U Instant Common
Tide Drifter 1U Creature – Eldrazi Drone [0/5] Uncommon
Ulamog’s Reclaimer 4U Creature – Eldrazi Processor [2/5] Uncommon
Anticipate 1U Instant Common
Brilliant Spectrum 3U Sorcery Common
Cloud Manta 3U Creature – Fish [3/2] Common
Clutch of Currents U Sorcery Common
Coastal Discovery 3U Sorcery Uncommon
Coralhelm Guide 1U Creature – Merfolk Scout Ally [2/1] Common
Dampening Pulse 3U Enchantment Uncommon
Dispel U Instant Common
Exert Influence 4U Sorcery Rare
Guardian of Tazeem 3UU Creature – Sphinx [4/5] Rare
Halimar Tidecaller 2U Creature – Human Wizard Ally [2/3] Uncommon
Part the Waterveil 4UU Sorcery Mythic
Prism Array 4U Enchantment Rare
Retreat to Coralhelm 2U Enchantment Uncommon
Roilmage’s Trick 3U Instant Common
Rush of Ice U Sorcery Common
Scatter to the Winds 1UU Instant Rare
Tightening Coils 1U Enchantment – Aura Common
Ugin’s Insight 3UU Sorcery Rare
Wave-Wing Elemental 5U Creature – Elemental [3/4] Common
Windrider Patrol 3UU Creature – Merfolk Wizard [4/3] Uncommon
Complete Disregard 2B Instant Common
Culling Drone 1B Creature – Eldrazi Drone [2/2] Common
Dominator Drone 2B Creature – Eldrazi Drone [3/2] Common
Grave Birthing 2B Instant Common
Grip of Desolation 4BB Instant Uncommon
Mind Raker 3B Creature – Eldrazi Processor [3/3] Common
Silent Skimmer 3B Creature – Eldrazi Drone [0/4] Common
Skitterskin 3B Creature – Eldrazi Drone [4/3] Uncommon
Sludge Crawler B Creature – Eldrazi Drone [1/1] Common
Smothering Abomination 2BB Creature – Eldrazi [4/3] Rare
Swarm Surge 2B Sorcery Common
Transgress the Mind 1B Sorcery Uncommon
Wasteland Strangler 2B Creature – Eldrazi Processor [3/2] Rare
Altar’s Reap 1B Instant Common
Bloodbond Vampire 2BB Creature – Vampire Shaman Ally [3/3] Uncommon
Bone Splinters B Sorcery Common
Carrier Thrall 1B Creature – Vampire [2/1] Uncommon
Defiant Bloodlord 5BB Creature – Vampire [4/5] Rare
Demon’s Grasp 4B Sorcery Common
Drana, Liberator of Malakir 1BB Creature – Vampire Ally [2/3] Mythic
Dutiful Return 3B Sorcery Common
Geyserfield Stalker 4B Creature – Elemental [3/2] Common
Guul Draz Overseer 4BB Creature – Vampire [3/4] Rare
Hagra Sharpshooter 2B Creature – Human Assassin Ally [2/2] Uncommon
Kalastria Healer 1B Creature – Vampire Cleric Ally [1/2] Common
Kalastria Nightwatch 4B Creature – Vampire Warrior Ally [4/5] Common
Malakir Familiar 2B Creature – Bat [2/1] Uncommon
Mire’s Malice 3B Sorcery Common
Nirkana Assassin 2B Creature – Vampire Assassin Ally [2/3] Common
Ob Nixilis Reignited 3BB Planeswalker – Nixilis [0] Mythic
Painful Truths 2B Sorcery Rare
Retreat to Hagra 2B Enchantment Uncommon
Rising Miasma 3B Sorcery Uncommon
Ruinous Path 1BB Sorcery Rare
Vampiric Rites B Enchantment Uncommon
Voracious Null 2B Creature – Zombie [2/2] Common
Zulaport Cutthroat 1B Creature – Human Rogue Ally [1/1] Uncommon
Barrage Tyrant 4R Creature – Eldrazi [5/3] Rare
Crumble to Dust 3R Sorcery Uncommon
Kozilek’s Sentinel 1R Creature – Eldrazi Drone [1/4] Common
Molten Nursery 2R Enchantment Uncommon
Nettle Drone 2R Creature – Eldrazi Drone [3/1] Common
Processor Assault 1R Sorcery Uncommon
Serpentine Spike 5RR Sorcery Rare
Touch of the Void 2R Sorcery Common
Turn Against 4R Instant Uncommon
Vestige of Emrakul 3R Creature – Eldrazi Drone [3/4] Common
Vile Aggregate 2R Creature – Eldrazi Drone [*/5] Uncommon
Akoum Firebird 2RR Creature – Phoenix [3/3] Mythic
Akoum Hellkite 4RR Creature – Dragon [4/4] Rare
Akoum Stonewaker 1R Creature – Human Shaman [2/1] Uncommon
Belligerent Whiptail 3R Creature – Wurm [4/2] Common
Boiling Earth 1R Sorcery Common
Chasm Guide 3R Creature – Goblin Scout Ally [3/2] Uncommon
Dragonmaster Outcast R Creature – Human Shaman [1/1] Mythic
Firemantle Mage 2R Creature – Human Shaman Ally [2/2] Uncommon
Goblin War Paint 1R Enchantment – Aura Common
Lavastep Raider R Creature – Goblin Warrior [1/2] Common
Makindi Sliderunner 1R Creature – Beast [2/1] Common
Ondu Champion 2RR Creature – Minotaur Warrior Ally [4/3] Common
Outnumber R Instant Common
Radiant Flames 2R Sorcery Rare
Reckless Cohort 1R Creature – Human Warrior Ally [2/2] Common
Retreat to Valakut 2R Enchantment Uncommon
Rolling Thunder XRR Sorcery Uncommon
Shatterskull Recruit 3RR Creature – Giant Warrior Ally [4/4] Common
Stonefury 3RR Instant Common
Sure Strike 1R Instant Common
Tunneling Geopede 2R Creature – Insect [3/2] Uncommon
Valakut Invoker 2R Creature – Human Shaman [2/3] Common
Valakut Predator 2R Creature – Elemental [2/2] Common
Volcanic Upheaval 3R Instant Common
Zada, Hedron Grinder 3R Creature – Goblin Ally [3/3] Rare
Blisterpod G Creature – Eldrazi Drone [1/1] Common
Brood Monitor 4GG Creature – Eldrazi Drone [3/3] Uncommon
Call the Scions 2G Sorcery Common
Eyeless Watcher 3G Creature – Eldrazi Drone [1/1] Common
From Beyond 3G Enchantment Rare
Unnatural Aggression 2G Instant Common
Void Attendant 2G Creature – Eldrazi Processor [2/3] Uncommon
Beastcaller Savant 1G Creature – Elf Shaman Ally [1/1] Rare
Broodhunter Wurm 3G Creature – Wurm [4/3] Common
Earthen Arms 1G Sorcery Common
Giant Mantis 3G Creature – Insect [2/4] Common
Greenwarden of Murasa 4GG Creature – Elemental [5/4] Mythic
Infuse with the Elements 3G Instant Uncommon
Jaddi Offshoot G Creature – Plant [0/3] Uncommon
Lifespring Druid 2G Creature – Elf Druid [2/1] Common
Murasa Ranger 3G Creature – Human Warrior [3/3] Uncommon
Natural Connection 2G Instant Common
Nissa’s Renewal 5G Sorcery Rare
Oran-Rief Hydra 4GG Creature – Hydra [5/5] Rare
Oran-Rief Invoker 1G Creature – Human Shaman [2/2] Common
Plated Crusher 4GGG Creature – Beast [7/6] Uncommon
Plummet 1G Instant Common
Reclaiming Vines 2GG Sorcery Common
Retreat to Kazandu 2G Enchantment Uncommon
Rot Shambler 1G Creature – Fungus [1/1] Uncommon
Scythe Leopard G Creature – Cat [1/1] Uncommon
Seek the Wilds 1G Sorcery Common
Snapping Gnarlid 1G Creature – Beast [2/2] Common
Swell of Growth 1G Instant Common
Sylvan Scrying 1G Sorcery Uncommon
Tajuru Beastmaster 5G Creature – Elf Warrior Ally [5/5] Common
Tajuru Stalwart 2G Creature – Elf Scout Ally [0/1] Common
Tajuru Warcaller 3GG Creature – Elf Warrior Ally [2/1] Uncommon
Territorial Baloth 4G Creature – Beast [4/4] Common
Undergrowth Champion 1GG Creature – Elemental [2/2] Mythic
Woodland Wanderer 3G Creature – Elemental [2/2] Rare
Brood Butcher 3BG Creature – Eldrazi Drone [3/3] Rare
Brutal Expulsion 2UR Instant Rare
Catacomb Sifter 1BG Creature – Eldrazi Drone [2/3] Uncommon
Dust Stalker 2BR Creature – Eldrazi [5/3] Rare
Fathom Feeder UB Creature – Eldrazi Drone [1/1] Rare
Forerunner of Slaughter BR Creature – Eldrazi Drone [3/2] Uncommon
Herald of Kozilek 1UR Creature – Eldrazi Drone [2/4] Uncommon
Sire of Stagnation 4UB Creature – Eldrazi [5/7] Mythic
Ulamog’s Nullifier 2UB Creature – Eldrazi Processor [2/3] Uncommon
Angelic Captain 3RW Creature – Angel Ally [4/3] Rare
Bring to Light 3GU Sorcery Rare
Drana’s Emissary 1WB Creature – Vampire Cleric Ally [2/2] Uncommon
Grove Rumbler 2RG Creature – Elemental [3/3] Uncommon
Grovetender Druids 2GW Creature – Elf Druid Ally [3/3] Uncommon
Kiora, Master of the Depths 2GU Planeswalker – Kiora [0] Mythic
March from the Tomb 3WB Sorcery Rare
Munda, Ambush Leader 2RW Creature – Kor Ally [3/4] Rare
Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper 3WU Creature – Merfolk Ally [4/4] Rare
Omnath, Locus of Rage 3RRGG Creature – Elemental [5/5] Mythic
Resolute Blademaster 3RW Creature – Human Soldier Ally [2/2] Uncommon
Roil Spout 1WU Sorcery Uncommon
Skyrider Elf XGU Creature – Elf Warrior Ally [0/0] Uncommon
Veteran Warleader 1GW Creature – Human Soldier Ally [*/*] Rare
Aligned Hedron Network 4 Artifact Rare
Hedron Archive 4 Artifact Uncommon
Hedron Blade 1 Artifact – Equipment Common
Pathway Arrows 1 Artifact – Equipment Uncommon
Pilgrim’s Eye 3 Artifact Creature – Thopter [1/1] Uncommon
Slab Hammer 2 Artifact – Equipment Uncommon
Ally Encampment 0 Land Rare
Blighted Cataract 0 Land Uncommon
Blighted Fen 0 Land Uncommon
Blighted Gorge 0 Land Uncommon
Blighted Steppe 0 Land Uncommon
Blighted Woodland 0 Land Uncommon
Canopy Vista 0 Land – Forest Plains Rare
Cinder Glade 0 Land – Mountain Forest Rare
Evolving Wilds 0 Land Common
Fertile Thicket 0 Land Common
Looming Spires 0 Land Common
Lumbering Falls 0 Land Rare
Mortuary Mire 0 Land Common
Prairie Stream 0 Land – Plains Island Rare
Sanctum of Ugin 0 Land Rare
Sandstone Bridge 0 Land Common
Shambling Vent 0 Land Rare
Shrine of the Forsaken Gods 0 Land Rare
Skyline Cascade 0 Land Common
Smoldering Marsh 0 Land – Swamp Mountain Rare
Spawning Bed 0 Land Uncommon
Sunken Hollow 0 Land – Island Swamp Rare