Oct 8 2014

Oct 8 2014

Hello everyone and good morning, happy hump day! The weather today is +8 that feels like +4 with light showers. Want a fun rainy-day activity? Come by and we’ll show you around our FREE demo board games and playspace!

Tonight our events are going to be casual Magic all evening, commander, standard playtesting, cube draft, endless possibilities! We’ll also have Toshi’s Pathfinder campaign starting at 5:30PM. (Beginners welcome to stop by and check it out!)

Tomorrow evening we’ve got more casual Magic and board game night. Interested in joining or running a tabletop RPG like Shadowrun, Pathfinder, or D&D? Let us know and we’ll start one up!! (Beginner D&D still happens every Tuesday evening at 6:00PM!)

Friday our FNM events will be Standard and Modern, see you there!

Have a great day guys!