Carcassonne: Expansion #3 – The Princess & the Dragon

Carcassonne: Expansion #3 – The Princess & the Dragon


Enter a realm of chivalry and sorcery with this Carcassonne expansion. The Princess sends knights out to perform acts of chivalry; meanwhile, a fearsome dragon threatens followers unprotected by the magic of the fairies! The Princess & The Dragon expansion introduces princesses, dragons, fairies, and other storybook elements that add surprising wrinkles to your Carcassonne game.

-With this expansion, players can affect followers like never before with the Princess and the Dragon!

-Includes 30 new land tiles

-Adds new strategic options to you Carcassonne games!

-This is an expansion, a copy of Carcassonne is needed to play

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 12 in